Clean has never been in question at The Mane Event. I have always operated with a high standard for cleanliness, given the nature of my business and this will remain in full effect. Having an individual salon suite allows me to create a safe environment for all my clients since it limits exposure to groups of people. New guidelines and restriction procedures are coming straight from Dora ( department of regulatory agencies ) and the Governor's Office. I will take every precaution recommended by the state's public health order to ensure the safety of my clients. 

Salon Colour is taking the following precautions to maintain a safe and healthy space:

  • Scheduled professional cleaning and sanitation 6 days per week.

  • Increased cleaning of all surfaces in common areas including bathrooms, lobby areas, security systems, and door handles.    

Here are the important things to know for your visit:

  • You must wear a mask for your visit that covers your nose and mouth for the entirety of the visit. Make sure that your mask is not a tie mask and has straps that go over both ears. Please keep in mind if you are getting color done, that you have a mask you won't mind getting stained.I'll be wearing a mask and gloves. If you do not have one I will provide one for you.

  • Only one person is allowed in the suite at a time. Exceptions are 1 parent with 1 child, 1 caregiver with 1 patient/client, or if you cohabitate a max of 2 people.

  • You are required to wash your hands immediately upon entering the suite.

  • I am required to take your temperature and do symptoms check which will be recorded and sent to you through text/email before we start the service. If your temperature is 100 or above, I will not be able to perform any services and ask that you go home.  If contact tracing becomes necessary I will have to submit your form.

  • 15-minute intervals will be set to thoroughly clean after each client. Please be patient if I am running behind your health and safety are of the utmost importance to me. 

  • If you are feeling unwell in any way please reschedule your appointment and DO NOT enter the building. I will be waiving my cancellation fee during this time for this reason only! If you cancel for being sick, you will have to wait 14 days for the next appointment


Please download the Vagaro app on your phone before your appointment. Remain outside, or in your car and check-in when you have arrived. This will instantly notify me. You will receive a notification back letting you know that I am ready for you and to meet me at the front doors. DOORS WILL REMAIN LOCKED to avoid congregating in the lobby. Please allow a minute to pass for me to get your message before you try again.


When using a card, the checkout process will now be able to be completed using your phone, instead of touching my tablet screen. We also offer touchless pay.

At this time I am unable to offer certain services:

  • Nose waxing

  • Lip waxing

  • Beard trims

  • Face shaves 

It's a lot I know. If you have any questions please email or