Welcome Love,

I look forward to meeting you!

Let's get started.

I can't wait to meet you! It's my goal to meet and surpass all of your service expectations. Your experience starts online when you book your desired services. The "new guest" category allows time for a thorough consultation. Together, we will come up with a plan, not just for your first visit, but a long term plan to ensure all of your goals are met. 

Next, you will receive an appointment confirmation.


I request at least 48 hours notice prior to canceling and rescheduling an appointment.

What to expect on your first visit

I am located inside My Salon Suites. When you arrive you will have to enter my suite number (205) and push the green bell to ring me. I will buzz you in. You will go left and keep going straight, around the corner and I am on the left. I will do my best to meet you at the door. You will want to arrive 5 minutes early to give yourself time to park and enjoy one of our premium drinks while I get ready for you!

I pride myself on running on time and working efficiently because I know your time is valuable!

The Consultation 

This is the best and most important aspect of the visit.  I want to really get to know you and your hair history, the good the bad and the ugly! Let's really dig deep and create the best plan to reach the hair of your dreams! We will look at inspiration photos and really discuss all aspects.  After I have a clear insight on your goals for your first appointment, I will walk you through the game plan for not only this appointment but what future appointments will look like!

Finally, We will wrap up the visit by scheduling your next appointment. We will also discuss the best hair care plan just for you! We will formulate a realistic home care program that will nourish your hair for future appointments. 


Booking your first  appointment

New Guest pricing is slightly different than the pricing noted on my service menu.  


At your first appointment, we will need an extended visit to have a thorough consultation, create a plan for today's visit, custom blend your color, and make our plan for future appointments.

Pricing for new guest appointments is noted above and a final price quote for your first visit and all future visits will be provided at your appoitment.


Looking for a

haircut and blowdry style?

Book the service called 

"New Guest Haircut"



  • Consultation

  • Haircut 

  • Book according to length of  hair (short, medium, long)

(massage shampoo and blowdry style included in pricing)

45 minutes starts at  $45

Looking for a

color and haircut?

Book service called

"New Guest Color and  Haircut

I want to refresh my roots or add some dimension to my existing color.


  • Consultation

  • Cover gray  stay the same color or 

  • Mini highlight

  • Haircut

(toner and blow-dry style is included in pricing)​

2 Hours $131

Looking for a 

highlight and haircut?

Book service called "New Guest Highlight and Haircut"

I want to maintain the color I have, I just want to brighten and freshen it up.


  • Consultation

  • Partial Balayage or Partial 

  • Haircut​

(toner and blowdry style is included in pricing)

3 hours $170

Looking for full color or highlight?

Book service called "New Guest Full Color"

I want to change my hair color from brown to blonde or blonde to brown.


  • Consultation

  • Full Highlights 


Full Balayage​

  • Haircut

(toner and blow-dry style is included in pricing)

3.5 hours $190